Hope for Child Cancer – What is it?

Hope for Child cancer is an organization whose goal is to raise awareness about child cancer and the lack of the same. Everything began with a small boy named Braden who had to deal with Stage IV Neuroblastoma at the young age of three. The treatment worked, but Neuroblastoma relapsed. His family had to struggle with that as well as with the breast cancer his mother had.


The organization came to the existence when Braden’s mother found that the range of treatments that children have, when it comes to cancer, is several times small than the number of procedures adults have. This news angered a lot of people as children didn’t get the same chances to survive cancer as adults. This was the beginning of the movement that grew several hundred times in the following years.

Hope for Child Cancer research efforts

This organization isn’t one of those that do nothing but hold speeches and post articles about the subject. No, this organization conducts research that helps in advancing the treatment of cancer in children. Two primary groups that form the research team comes from Children’s Mercy Hospital. And KU Cancer Center, both of which are located in Kansas City. They collaborate to create research studies that will have visible results in the future.


This organization had a lot of success because it has a robust research review board that uses the money they get it the best possible way. Every dollar that someone donates is invested in studies that will produce favorable results. This wouldn’t be possible without rigorous reporting procedures this organization implemented.

Funding the research of cancer

Funding is the most significant issue for this organization. Government isn’t as open for funding organizations like this because they are unlikely to get a return on their investment. This is why this and other similar organizations have to rely on the goodwill of people to fund their research.


All this means that you are one of the people that can help this group progress with their research studies. Sending donations to this organization is an excellent way to help with the research of cancer that an increased number of children have.

The age in which we live in saw the rise of cancer in young adults and children thanks to an increasing number of toxins both in the air and in everything else including food. Supporting organizations like Hope for Child Cancer is what everyone should do to help our children grow into healthy adults.