Cure For Neuroblastoma

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April 25th,2009

May 8th, 2008 - A history making day!

Huge news in the world of neuroblastoma! The amazing Dr. John Maris, neuroblastoma expert in practice at Children's Hospital of Philidelphia (CHOP) and his team have discovered that the root of neuroblastoma is a genetic component. Identified predominately as chromosome six, it's considered a "perfect storm" of genes that leads a child to be more likely to develop this cancer.

While not a cure, this is great news in the NB world as now that we know the cause targeted therapies can be made. This is a step towards more consistent, effective treatment that is hopefully less harsh on patients.

 Here are some article and video links - check out the first one with an article and accompanying video featuring Chicago NB patient Anna.

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