Cure For Neuroblastoma

"Hope and inspiration in the smallest packages"


In Loving Memory of

Christine "Christi" Shayna Thomas

May 12th, 1997 × September 19th, 2006 


When I first came across Christi’s website in the spring of 2003 I never knew how big an impact she would make on my world. She battled neuroblastoma for four straight years, passing away just eight days after her four year diagnosis anniversary at the age of 9.


Christi is the reason this site began in the first place. After reading her page for a couple of months I started visiting the sites of kids affected by this awful cancer.


Before this site began I had heard about childhood cancer through a donation can or a St. Jude infomerical, but I never knew the personal stories and understood the effect that this cancer has on the entire family adn not just the child who is fighting the cancer. 


The main reaction from a typical person when hearing about these children is “that’s horrible”, but that’s all that is done about it. I created this site to spread awareness beyond just the name of the cancer and to help families and patients themselves.


While I never had the honor of meeting this brave fighter turned personal inspiration I have felt very blessed to be involved with her whole family through the internet. I have been constantly amazed at the strength and compassion they have for others even while their world was crumbling. They have counted their blessings and did everything they could to help their child.


In between the sometimes grueling and painful treatments Christi lived life, smiled, laughed, played, learned, and most importantly gave back to kids in the same situation as herself by holding blood drives and lemonade stands to raise money for pediatric cancer research.


She was taken from this earth all too soon but enjoyed life and touched more people’s lives than most of us will do in our longer life span. I know when I hear her name my mind will not flash back to pictures of her in pain in a hospital room, but of her smile and her laugh and the happy moments she enjoyed. We owe it to Christi and all other children who did or are battling cancer to fund research to find cures and support families not just financially but emotionally as well. I began this website site to raise awareness of neuroblastoma to the general public and dedicated the work to this beautiful girl and I will continue to do so to her memory. Rest in Peace sweet Christi, May Your Memory Be Eternal!


Christi Thomas Memorial Fund - Please keep her spirit alive! - Read about her amazing journey